Melhores Jogos de Roguelike

Melhores Jogos de Roguelike

Flint gancho

Palco: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

Flinthook é uma atividade roguelita que narra as inúmeras experiências de uma arma empregando um corsário do espaço em busca de uma fortuna sem precedentes. Nele, você controla o herói principal, Flinthook, enquanto ele saque aleatoriamente de naves espaciais espaciais, derruba adversários usando sua pistola de blasma e muda a progressão do tempo com capacidades moderadas de movimento.

Seja como for, o recurso genuíno é o gancho de gancho adaptável do nosso santo, que ajuda o Flinthook a atravessar condições precárias de plataforma e a desenvolver velocidade fundamental para evitar perigos e se aproximar dos tiros. A estrutura roguelite do jogo permite que você aprimore seu personagem e abra novas vantagens equipáveis, apesar de redesenhos duradouros.


Estágio: PS4 / PC

You won’t discover numerous roguelikes with as huge of a clique following as Spelunky, an outside the box 2D activity platformer in which players venture profound underground and investigate randomized, completely destructible levels loaded up with traps, fortune, and adversaries. To help you on your journey are a plenty of game-adjusting weapons, things, and contraptions running from jetpacks to conciliatory pugs.

In Spelunky, demise isn’t just unavoidable yet a fundamental insidiousness for improving your abilities and getting familiar with adversaries and impediments. The game incorporates an astonishing number of various approaches to kick the bucket, a greater part of which are shocking however displayed entertainingly.

Warmth Signature

Stage: PC

Warmth Signature is an activity roguelike made by Suspicious Developments, the producers of generally commended stealth astound game Gunpoint. The top-down 2D title persists the strategic based interactivity Suspicious is known for while presenting another space-themed setting alongside the capacity to freeze time. In it, you control a progression of haphazardly produced characters entrusted with freeing space stations from the realms that control them.

Your journey for opportunity sees you arranging and executing intergalactic heists in randomized spaceships where you’re seriously dwarfed. Fortunately for you, you’ve been enabled to back off and even interruption time at whatever point you need, giving all of you the time on the planet to design your best course of action. Extra capacities expand upon this by permitting you swap positions with adversaries and hack their turrets.

Kill the Spire

Stage: PS4/Switch/PC

Kill the Spire is a roguelite card-technique game that adopts a fascinating strategy to the prison crawler recipe. Toward the start of each run, players are solicited to choose from one from three foreordained characters, each with a one of a kind playstyle and beginning conditions that influence what number of/how much wellbeing, gold, and cards the player has.

From that point, players pick which way they’d prefer to take and start rising the Spire, a perpetual cell with a horde of adversaries to experience and mysteries to find. Fights are turn-based and see you consuming vitality so as to perform assaults, actuate buffs, exact debuffs, and for the most part simply make your adversary’s life a living bad dream.

Maverick Legacy

Stage: PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC/iOS

Maverick Legacy is the best of the best with regards to roguelites and to some degree a non mainstream sweetheart. The 2D activity platformer highlights a genealogical character maker, wherein each of your saints have a place with a similar family tree and get the opportunity to acquire unmistakable qualities including inadequacies like visual impairment or dyslexia.

These fill in as something other than cunning/marginally upsetting backstories and directly affect ongoing interaction, making every legend and playthrough feel genuinely remarkable. To this point, the game highlights nine distinctive character classes, each with their own expertise tree to investigate, and more than 60 foe types to fight in a rambling, consistently evolving manor.

Wrack: Exoverse

Stage: PC

Wrack: Exoverse is an intriguing mix of first-individual shooter, tower-guard, and roguelite game mechanics introduced in staggering cel-concealed illustrations. Each run sees you building labyrinth like guards with turrets and dividers so as to slow approaching foes and keep them from arriving at your guide before you can be removed.

When your barriers are set up, the game changes from a top-down viewpoint to first-individual where you’ll be entrusted with holding off influxes of foes utilizing an alternate class-based weapons including guns, shotguns, expert rifleman rifles, and outsider blasters. In the event that you figure out how to turn out the opposite end alive, you’ll be compensated with some cash which can be spent to buy new guards and updates for your character.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Stage: PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC/3DS/iOS

The Binding of Isaac is a non mainstream roguelike that originates from the psyche of Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen. The game was at first made for seven days in length game jam however was later ventured into an undeniable blaze title that would late be improved and rereleased as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Aproximadamente impulsionado pela história das escrituras de um nome semelhante, Rebirth vê jogadores controlando Isaac, um garoto obrigado a escapar para o porão de sua casa depois de saber que sua mãe ficou louca, aceitando ter se dirigido a uma alma rígida. Apesar do tom sombrio e do simbolismo realista serem muito para alguns jogadores, o ponto de vista de cima para baixo do jogo e as células conservadoras sugestivas de títulos exemplares de Legend of Zelda fazem valer a pena.


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